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Pancreatin Enteric Capsules

The product is enteric-coated capsules with each capsulecontaining 150mg of pancreatin. It belongs to OTC (Class B). It is indicatedfor dyspepsia, gastricism caused by pancreatic diseases, and it is also used asreplacement therapy for pancreatic exocrine insufficiency caused by variousfactors.


Ratification No.; GYZZH20093822


Reference: Volume Ⅱ, CP2015



In bottle: 60 tablets/bottle x 360 bottles/carton

In aluminum plastic package: 12 capsules/sheet x 3sheets/box x 500 boxes/carton

Usage and dosage: Oral administration; for adults; 2 – 6 capsulesper time, 3 times per day. Swallow the whole capsule half an hour before meals.

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